I'm here, living

Sometimes there are moments in life which make me realise that I'm alive.


I'm here, living. 


Every person carries a story on their shoulders - some will be forgotten over time but some past stories will always be a huge part of your life, of the way you speak, think and act. You somehow need to deal with it. 


There comes a time in your life where you are feeling deeply thankful for every person giving you support and love, even if they are not present anymore.

For every moment realising that you can smile and laugh again from the bottom of your heart.

Where you feel the power of joy again in little things like the sparkling lights coming through the window every morning or the beautiful buildings and the happy faces of other strangers, not only carrying the weigh of their thoughts but also their heavy lightheartedness.

Minimalistic picture of a cup of tea reflecting symbol
Photography of a cup of tea minimalistic