In love with a city.

Have you ever had the feeling of being in love with a city? No?


Well, I haven’t known the feeling before either. But let me say, it is one of the most wonderful feelings. It’s like having found a new home, a place where you feel secure and understood.


I love people who inspire me. I love walking down the streets, listening to music and observing the environment and the people passing by. Some of them have a very extraordinary taste of fashion, like they jumped out of a fashion magazine or an Instagram feed. I love seeing the creativity of people put into things like clothes or music or art. And I feel like this city is full of that. It feels like being surrounded by similar-minded individuals.


Maybe it’s the feeling of finally belonging somewhere, into a place which you get to choose without thinking about it. It’s the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being able to breathe when walking down the streets, while the music surrounds you in a completely new and different way.